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And here’s how that runaway snowball incident happened…

Complex factors behind snowball damage at Reed College

My Portlandia Moment – First in a Series

Living as I do in Portland, Oregon I occasionally find myself in Portlandia. This happens often enough to document, so I am beginning with a moment from August, 2012. The sun had long dropped behind the West Hills as I drove toward the Burnside Bridge.  The iconic “Portland sign” was glowing in the distance.  As […]

When the sun shines in Oregon, the world flies right.

The coldest, wettest spring on record has left Oregonians a little more deflated than normal this spring. We see the sunshine now, but we have absorbed so much moisture we are human sponges – awaiting a good hand wringing by rays of sunshine we have nearly forgotten how to enjoy. We vaguely remember sun block. […]

Portland – my ongoing love song….

I was born here, and I take this rainy outpost for granted.  I must ask myself though – in what other city can you go for a run on your lunch hour and see a submarine, a pirate ship and a bald eagle? It was a beautiful day in June and I was out for […]