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My Portlandia Moment – First in a Series

Living as I do in Portland, Oregon I occasionally find myself in Portlandia. This happens often enough to document, so I am beginning with a moment from August, 2012. The sun had long dropped behind the West Hills as I drove toward the Burnside Bridge.  The iconic “Portland sign” was glowing in the distance.  As […]

When the sun shines in Oregon, the world flies right.

The coldest, wettest spring on record has left Oregonians a little more deflated than normal this spring. We see the sunshine now, but we have absorbed so much moisture we are human sponges – awaiting a good hand wringing by rays of sunshine we have nearly forgotten how to enjoy. We vaguely remember sun block. […]

My 1964 Second Grade Annual Review

I ran across my report cards from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades recently.  The same week I spotted my 2nd Grade teacher’s obituary in the newspaper.  “Mrs. R”  died last month, at the age of 99.  So I figure the statute of limitations has run out on the comments she made about me on […]

Half Marathon – Random thoughts – San Francisco

On Sunday, April 10, 2010 the Golden Gate Bridge will be part of the route of the San Francisco Half Marathon. I’ll be there, chugging along to my Michael Franti music, enjoying the view and trying to finish the 13.1 mile track in under three hours. What compelled me to run half marathons for the […]

Gopher mound found.

My dad told me there would be days like this on the golf course. Of course there were witnesses to this outcome, and of course there were cameras. I’ve had worse lies though. I’ve sent my ball into a man-made lake with an alligator in it (Puerto Vallarta). I’ve lost balls to lava fields, rattlesnake […]

Portland – my ongoing love song….

I was born here, and I take this rainy outpost for granted.  I must ask myself though – in what other city can you go for a run on your lunch hour and see a submarine, a pirate ship and a bald eagle? It was a beautiful day in June and I was out for […]