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Hello blog. You again!

OMG I forgot to write in my blog. I thought of 10 excuses for letting my blog lapse.  For the record, there’s no shame in letting your blog lapse, in fact it is perfectly fine to fade out occasionally, even for several years. It means the universe calls you to other tasks. 10 Perfectly Good […]

WordPress Shokunin

Yesterday I spent a beautiful fall day indoors, learning about WordPress.  I am a WordPress 3rd grader, who wants to graduate from WordPress High School.  This film inspires me to have patience, and immerse myself in the disciplines and mental concentration required to attain higher competency.

frankiecatpdx is moving…

In the next several weeks is pulling up stakes and moving to a new address. You’ll be the first to know when we get settled. The move is 100% digital, and will not require cardboard boxes, tape guns or a U-Haul truck.  Hooray! Never fear, we shall remain brief and to the point in our new location! […]

Where River Meets Sea – Astoria, Oregon by Alex Jordan

Where River Meets Sea. I discovered this gallery of photos taken in and around Astoria, Oregon and thought I would share it with you. Astoria is one of the most beautiful and dramatic cities in the state.  It has a fascinating history every Oregonian should know.  

Google’s Exit Plan

The other day I asked my partner if he had googled something we had talked about earlier, and he said “No, I did not want to waste a Google.”  That got me thinking.  What if….Google had a fee attached to every search? How much would it be worth to you?  What would Google charge? Surely a […]

And here’s how that runaway snowball incident happened…

Complex factors behind snowball damage at Reed College

Runaway Snowballs….

Huge runaway snowball slams into Reed College dorm — Deborah Hartman (@frankiecatPDX) February 15, 2014