Hello blog. You again!

OMG I forgot to write in my blog. I thought of 10 excuses for letting my blog lapse.  For the record, there’s no shame in letting your blog lapse, in fact it is perfectly fine to fade out occasionally, even for several years. It means the universe calls you to other tasks.

10 Perfectly Good Reasons for Letting Your Blog LapseBackyard Garden

  1. You are getting married and you need to design a website for the wedding, even though only 11 people, including you, are attending.
  2. You fall under the spell of a hobby or pastime that demands more attention than ever before, such as restoring a 1905 urban double lot into an Audubon-Certified Backyard Garden, and maintaining a 112-year-old home.
  3. Your elderly parent needs to move from their large home stuffed with a lifetime’s accumulation to a small apartment in a retirement community. It takes 7 months to accomplish this, even with help from other family members.
  4. You start a new business, and, well, clients.
  5. You join your spouse in their business, and learn new skills, and this becomes a part of your life and daily tasks.
  6. You fall apart as the nation elects a new president. Defiantly, you join the resistance, which demands a lot of time but stretches you. You get woke, you think about your place of privilege, and you donate time and energy to social justice initiatives.
  7. You become a grandparent!
  8. You become a foster parent for the humane society, which leads, of course, to pet ownership. IMG_2546
  9. You spend more time out of town, because you have more time.
  10. Time goes more quickly, and there is less and less of it.

So no worries about the lapse.



  1. Ha ha!

    Set my blog aside in October, promising myself a year, or maybe forever, off.

    Happy grandparenting, pet owning, new business and all the rest! Will not get started here on politics except to say: yay resistance.

    Who knew this time of life would be so full?

    1. I know! And yes, yay resistance! I don’t know the future of my blog…it remains to be seen!

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