WordPress Shokunin

Yesterday I spent a beautiful fall day indoors, learning about WordPress.  I am a WordPress 3rd grader, who wants to graduate from WordPress High School.  This film inspires me to have patience, and immerse myself in the disciplines and mental concentration required to attain higher competency.



  1. Ha ha! If I can stumble around WordPress, you will soar. Watch out for plug-ins with WordPress.org. http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/09/active-malware-campaign-uses-thousands-of-wordpress-sites-to-infect-visitors/

    I stick to the training-wheeled WordPress.com templates, and lose out on originality, but gain in protection from hackers.

    Cheers —

    1. I am so bad about keeping up with my comments! This malware is hideous and I am working with a developer to try to avoid it! Hope all is well – best, Deb

  2. You inspire me – such due diligence and also such lovely writing! – and thanks for the Plug-ins tip. Are you using Jetpack? Lots of fab plugins there but the more you add the slower you go!

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