Google’s Exit Plan

The other day I asked my partner if he had googled something we had talked about earlier, and he said “No, I did not want to waste a Google.”  That got me thinking.  What if….Google had a fee attached to every search?

How much would it be worth to you?  What would Google charge? Surely a dollar would be too high for a pizza restaurant search, but is it too high for searching for a mutual fund?

Would businesses pay more than individuals?  Would searching for porn cost more than searching for online classes?  How would Google structure its algorithms to mirror its manifesto – “Don’t be evil?”

How many googles do you do a day? 10? 50? 200?  What would you pay if Google put up a pay wall?  One cent per google? 15 cents per google?  A buck a day?  Would you would invest $120 monthly for unlimited googles?  What’s it worth to you?  Could you live without it?  Would you finally resort to Bing? Notice how bing is not a verb yet?  It’s a noun, not a verb.

So, that must be Larry and Sergey’s exit plan.  They’ve got to make this thing pay off somehow.


One comment

  1. It would probably take a per search fee to make me think about whether I really need to know if the NFL is letting Johnny Manziel cool his heels, as it is happening.

    We’re used to monthly payments for TV and data plans, so fees for Internet searches would probably not affect the tech crazy, just the poverty stricken.

    Thought provoking questions!

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