When the sun shines in Oregon, the world flies right.

The coldest, wettest spring on record has left Oregonians a little more deflated than normal this spring. We see the sunshine now, but we have absorbed so much moisture we are human sponges – awaiting a good hand wringing by rays of sunshine we have nearly forgotten how to enjoy. We vaguely remember sun block. Somewhere we have special shaded glasses to protect our eyes from brightness – in the glove compartment perhaps? Surely if we were to escape to the desert we would leave damp footprints in in dry sand if we walked barefoot – Oregon amphibians we are now – hardened to rain, reversing evolution and turning back into fish.

Yesterday the sun came out. I felt its rays while cycling the Luckiamute Loop – a beautiful tour in Oregon’s Polk County. The temperature climbed to the 80’s – the sun beat on my face – red-wing black birds dive bombed me – kildeer rose out of the grasses – raptors soared, turkey vultures lurked in lazy sky circles. Not this time turkey vultures – you can’t have me. The sun is shining in Oregon. We’re flying right – drying out – reveling in our patience.

Biking in Oregon

Springtime in Oregon


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