Gopher mound found.

Things like this happen....

My dad told me there would be days like this on the golf course. Of course there were witnesses to this outcome, and of course there were cameras. I’ve had worse lies though. I’ve sent my ball into a man-made lake with an alligator in it (Puerto Vallarta). I’ve lost balls to lava fields, rattlesnake terrain, rivers and oceans. My favorite lucky ball disappeared into a pine forest in Manzanita. I don’t care though. It’s just a game with disposable parts, like everything else. It’s the motion and the tempo of walking intentionally and hitting something I enjoy. There’s a kind of justice to golf if you can appreciate the zen of it. Still working on that…..


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  1. Wendy Dominguez · · Reply

    Hi Deb, YES can see your blog. I like the name; your creativity is showing, FUN! And about that zen thing with golf: does one EVER really get there with that, and where is “there”? The joy truly is in the journey.

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